Supporting Your Health and Financial Needs

PCF understands the importance of giving employees choices and meaningful ways to support their health and financial needs. Eligible members of our team can take advantage of a flexible benefits package, allowing employees to manage their benefits coverage, and the cost of participation, in the most comfortable way possible for themselves and their family.

PCF Employee Benefits include:

Medical 401(k) Retirement Savings Plans
Prescription Drug Paid Company Holidays
Vision Paid Vacation

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Disclaimer: This is a summary of the benefits the Company currently provides to certain classes of employees. Please note this description of benefits merely highlights the actual benefits provided. The plans are more fully described in summary plan descriptions, plan documents, and our employee handbook. In the event of any conflict, the official plan document will govern. The Company retains full discretionary authority to interpret the terms of the plans, as well as full discretionary authority with regard to administrative matters arising in connection with the plans. The company may modify or eliminate any benefits or programs it currently provides, as well as increase the cost to employees of such benefits and programs. This discretionary authority extends to all issues concerning benefit eligibility and entitlement.