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Diagram-PCF-for-WebPCF’s experience over the last decade tells us something very important: Print media distribution can still be sustainably profitable in virtually every local market — if the right conditions are put in place, enabling one entity, be it an existing distributor or publisher to take the lead as the primary distribution hub for the whole market.

Here are five key factors that must put in place in order to successfully lead the pack:

1. Delivery of multiple products with varied frequencies

Distributing one publication is no longer enough to effectively sustain an operation. In order to create profitable distribution, there must be enough subscriber density on every route. Today, that requires subscribers from more than one publication – hopefully several. They could be different kinds of products — a daily newspaper, a weekly circular, a local magazine. The more varied and diverse your product list, the lower your risks.

2. The right technology to accommodate the volume, flow and frequency of diverse data sets

To be the leader of the pack, you must have the capability to welcome any and all products to your footprint. These diverse products will also bring diverse subscriber data sets; some may be complete, some may not. There certainly isn’t an industry standard for subscriber data. Making sure you have technology that can easily and quickly accommodate, onboard and standardize data from a range of sources and platforms is vital.

3. The tools to provide accurate information to independent carriers and optimize routes

There’s just no way around this: successful delivery services require sophisticated technologies. Therefore, to be the leader of the pack, you need to manage routes and carrier resources efficiently — and in real time. Specifically, you need tools that help you communicate routes and changes with independent carriers. You need mapping tools that help optimize routes to maximize profitability for you and your carriers.

4. An Implementation plan to smoothly onboard clients

As many major newspapers have learned, switching distribution providers without a clear, gradual plan can create a catastrophic impact on your business and reputation. As the “pack leader” you must make sure the onboarding process is so smooth, subscribers never notice a change in distributors.

5. A Responsive customer service plan

Have an operational resource plan and message strategy in place in the event that subscribers — either individually or in large groups — complain about service. Make sure you are prepared to communicate customers’ concerns to your delivery force in time to be addressed and resolved in the next delivery cycle.

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