Efficiency and Flexibility,
Powered by Technology

Operational efficiency: one of the most vital ways to create profit in the realm of distributed print media. And while PCF may not handle delivery services in every part of the country, we can implement proven, cloud-based technologies in any U.S.-based distribution footprint — including yours. Designed to support PCF’s own best-in-class distribution operations, our robust infrastructure and technology solutions can drive efficiency in key aspects of your own distribution operation — route management and optimization, contractor management and delivery verification.

The distribution technology solutions that PCF offers are unique. That’s because they were built based on years of supporting the industry’s most demanding distribution clients. Our solutions contain many proprietary features and functions that make it easy for you to monitor, manage and optimize your own delivery operations — securely and reliably.

technology_diagramOur technology solutions are especially effective for publications that don’t have the resources to invest in such technologies. By leveraging our state-of-the-art, web-based tools and dependable round-the-clock, 24/7 support you can quickly adjust your distribution strategies as market conditions continue to evolve.

Route Management Technology

Streamline Routes

PCF’s route management solution gives you the ability to efficiently process your daily subscriber list and the flexibility to determine the most efficient routes based on your resources and daily delivery parameters. But that’s just the start…

Easily Add New Products to Your Delivery Footprint

PCF’s technology solutions contain route modeling capabilities to explore “what if” scenarios, speeding the evaluation of new business opportunities and simplifying the accommodation of conditional orders, without compromising your core delivery standards.  Integrating Bonus Days, Zoned Deliveries, Ad and Color Packages, New Start Premiums, Automated Samples, and Cross-Publisher Distribution Products has never been easier. And the faster you can update or add to your distribution operation, the faster you can profit from delivery opportunities as they arise.

Resolve Subscriber Complaints Efficiently

PCF’s cloud-based software enables you to resolve current delivery complaints from multiple publications by processing and merging them with transaction records for the next delivery date. All transactions and complaints are automatically parsed by route and integrated into a single set of reports generated for each route, making communication with carriers timely, clear and efficient.

Manage, Monitor and Report Delivery Performance

PCF’s secure, customizable and reliable web-based portal gives you an unprecedented view and level of control over your distribution operations. It allows you to easily and quickly adjust your delivery footprint whenever you want, according to changes in subscriber data, routing, carrier resources, and marketing-driven delivery opportunities.

Manage Daily Delivery and Unforeseen Challenges

Late trucks, bad weather, car trouble…PCF route management tools give you the flexibility to move deliveries between routes and optimize available resources in seconds, with just a few mouse clicks.  At the same time, the system identifies compensation changes that result from these automated reassignments and dispatches.

Empower Your Carriers

One of the biggest benefits of using PCF technology is how it enables independent carriers and agents to better manage their routes and businesses. Through our exclusive delivery provider portal, carriers can access their relevant data instantly, 24/7 from any web connection. This includes route lists, with optional turn-by-turn instructions, stops and starts, draw and address changes, complaint and recovery information. Through the portal carriers can independently sequence their route and choose from a variety of views according to their own preference. It also improves communications and helps both you and the carrier track route performance.

Contractor Document Management

You know how valuable complete, accurate and legible paperwork is to contracted carrier relations. That’s why PCF has developed an efficient online solution that includes document generation, automated workflow, and electronic storage of all key contractor paperwork, such as negotiated agreements, rate schedules, W-9s, payment reports, and more. Through our unique web-based portals, you and your contracted carriers can easily search and retrieve specific documents as needed and from any device connected to the web. Best of all, you can customize this solution to integrate any of your company’s required documents, in addition to those required local, state, and federal law.

Automated Delivery Verification

With thousands of individual deliveries performed every day and resources stretched thin, it becomes a serious challenge to verify delivery to treasured new subscribers and follow up on repeated delivery issues. That’s why PCF has developed an automated subscriber calling system to verify starts and ensure complaint resolutions. As automated calls are made and information verified, results and updates can be shared with carriers and management alike.